The Voice Kids 2021: Fase 3, Tira Teima 1, 29.08.2021

Apresentações de 29.08.2021:

1. Time Gaby

– Clara Cintra cantou “Don’t Start Now” – deixou a competição
– Izabelle Ribeiro cantou “Falando Sério” – CLASSIFICADA
– Lua Brunetti cantou “Superstition” – CLASSIFICADA
– Mari Gonçalves cantou “Menina Solta” – deixou a competição

2. Time Teló

– Bianca Alves cantou “Um Degrau na Escada” – deixou a competição
– Gustavo Bardim cantou “Shalow” – CLASSIFICADO
– Laís Menezes cantou “Gostoso Demais” – CLASSIFICADA
– Paulinho Arretado cantou “Asa Branca” – deixou a competição

3. Time Brown

– Isabelly Sampaio cantou “Desafinado” – CLASSIFICADA
– João Victor Kindel cantou “Apenas Mais Uma de Amor” – deixou a competição deixou
– Lorena França cantou “Foi Pá Pum” – deixou a competição
– Sofia Farah cantou “Brasil” – CLASSIFICADA

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Times até o programa de hoje:

– Allonso Pieroni
– Elis Cristine
– Helloysa do Pandeiro
– Isabelly Sampaio
– Maria Alice Xavier
– Sofia Farah

– Evellyn Katzer
– Izabelle Ribeiro
– Izadora Rodrigues
– Lua Brunetti
– Nicoly Lima
– Ruany Keviny

– Anna Clara Dias
– Gustavo Bardim
– Henrique Bonadio
– Laís Menezes
– Manu Ferraz
– Maria Victória

Lee Scratch Perry (1936-2021)

Lee Perry

Ainda não saiu nota no Brasil. Um dos mestres do reggae, em matéria do The Guardian:

Lee “Scratch” Perry, whose pioneering work with roots reggae and dub opened up profound new depths in Jamaican music, has died aged 85.

Jamaican media reported the news that he died in hospital in Lucea, northern Jamaica. No cause of death has yet been given. Andrew Holness, the country’s prime minister, sent “deep condolences” to Perry’s family.

The loping tempos of his work established the roots reggae sound that Bob Marley made world famous, while his dub production, with its haunting use of space and echo, would have a profound influence on post-punk, hip-hop, dance music and other genres. Along with his gnomic pronouncements and mystical air, he became one of Jamaica’s most unusual and esteemed artists. Keith Richards once described him as “the Salvador Dalí of music. He’s a mystery. The world is his instrument. You just have to listen.”

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Lee Perry